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Connect With a Targeted Audience

There is a targeted group of people that you want to market to. The days of mass-media marketing as an only option are over. Use targeted digital tactics to reach your specific audience. Our cutting-edge U Digital™ tactics will help you effectively and efficiently target customers on a digital plateau. Whether you run a restaurant, home services business, medical office, retail business, or anything else – our professional staff will match your business offering with specific U Digital™ tactics to successfully reach your customer base!

Take Your Conversation Online

There is a conversation you are looking to have with your customers – take it to where they are! Digital culture permeates our daily lives. Our days are consumed by looking at social media, search engines, websites, or mobile apps. The keys to marketing are staying relevant and top-of-mind, and the way to do this is to put your message online, in targeted areas for your prospective audience to see.

Use your conversation to guide your prospects along the purchase path and allow your customers to advocate your business for you through user-generated marketing content.[Source: eMarketer]


Convert Your Marketing Effort

It’s not just about targeting and talking. Likes, mentions and page visits are hollow numbers if they are not generating you income. The digital plateau, unlike any other media outlet, provides you with a way to carefully analyze your user data and understand your return on marketing investment. So the days of needlessly spending are over. Track the revenue generated by your marketing efforts and allow our U Digital™ labors to optimize your campaigns to allow continuous progress. It’s time to see what you can get out of a U Digital™ strategy! Start today.

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We offer:


Whether you are getting on the web for the first time or updating your web property. Take U Digital has the skillset to put together a website for you that will proudly represent your business online. We stay at the forefront of web development best practices, ensuring you get the most up-to-date features and functionality. We’ll carry your website project from initial consultation through development, we’ll hand you the keys and provide you training and we’ll even stick around for support.

Our hosting options provide you with backups and security, giving you peace of mind.

Mobile Apps

Are you looking for a more intimate engagement with your customer base? Put your business within arm’s reach of your customer at all times. Make strategic use of push notifications, geofences, loyalty cards and more to increase your business’s interaction with customers and increase your return on investment.

We’ll develop you an easy-to-manage mobile application designed for Apple and Android and show you how to make best use of it to meet your company objectives.


The vast majority of website visits begin with a web search. What’s more is that the majority of those websites that show up on a search query below the third position are greatly overlooked. The top three positions are extremely competitive and require active optimization to get there. Whether you are a pizza shop with a geographically limited area or a national reseller, we’ve got search engine optimization options for you!

Choose from our local or national SEO, and various packages between.


Google AdWords revolutionized the way we advertise. Have your business show up to the top of search listings, in areas reserved for paid placements. Despite the monetary costs of Search Engine Marketing, we’ll work with you to get the most out of your budget. Keeping your goals in the forefront of each paid search campaign, we’ll help you get results faster.

Our AdWords certified and Bing Accredited Professionals will develop and manage a paid search strategy that will increase your return on investment.


The world of banner ads is controversial at times but the power to boost revenue is unquestioned. These ads represent your digital billboard and can actively put your business in front of potential customers. Our programmatic display platform allows you to build a targeted audience so that only people with specific online behaviors are selected to view ads, eliminating wasteful impressions.

Our platform has the ability to make it to 85% of the websites in America and can be tailored to your specific geography. Using behavioral targeting, retargeting and demographic targeting, we’ll put your message where it matters!


Social Media Marketing permeates all areas of our lives and people are increasingly engaging in dialog on social networks. Not just for the young anymore, the 55+ demographic is the fastest growing on Facebook and all ages are spending significant amounts of time on these networks.

Make sure your business is visible on Social Media sites. We’ll help you build your reputation and leverage the power of social media to boost your business goals.

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